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Only, it wasn't bucolic for very long, what with the drug addicts and class snobbery and corporate corruption and rebellious teenagers.
Door County is a bucolic peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan in the northeast corner of Wisconsin.
explores the intersection of poetry and philosophy in Vergil's (70-19 BC) Eclogues, based on the assumption that the poet employs the bucolic apparatus partly as a means of exploring philosophical issues relating to the subject of human felicity, issues that were subject to robust debate in contemporary philosophical schools.
Please have a day with us bucolic huntin', shootin' and fishin' types with an egalitarian ethos to jump racing.
The changing rooms are now called the Changing Village, which gives the whole experience a bucolic flavour.
Under his ministrations, the Philharmonic conjured a real sense of the bucolic.
To explore further, you'll want to rent a car: a 12-mile drive through some of Britain's most bucolic countryside leads to the famed Roman city of Bath, noted for its hot springs and the Roman Baths Museum.
Fair Trade's pioneers sought the one best way to reform this culture of abuse, and they settled on a bucolic vision of small farms working for the collective good.
Is this just a blip on an otherwise bucolic screen, or a promise of more, and darker, gardens to come?
Accompanied by his Greek slave, Homer, Aulus leaves his bucolic home for the bustling city of Rome.
Packaged in colorful half-gallon paperboard cartons featuring a bucolic vista of the New Hampshire countryside, Stonyfield Farm Organic Milk is available in whole, reduced-fat, low-fat and fat-free varieties.
The world is improved by having more quiet, bucolic music in it," opines the New York resident.