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He wouldn't go to the receivin' hospital," Bud said to Saxon.
We caught one there, Billy an' me," Bud interpolated.
Broke both his arms with the crowbar," Bud supplemented.
An' when I come to, here was Bud an' Anson an' Jackson dousin' me at a water trough.
Dorothy and Polly loved the Princess Fluff the moment they saw her, and little King Bud was so frank and boyish that Button-Bright accepted him as a chum at once and did not want him to go away.
They brought him things to look at--buds which were opening, buds which were tight closed, bits of twig whose leaves were just showing green, the feather of a woodpecker which had dropped on the grass, the empty shell of some bird early hatched.
Bud yells and Liesl raises her trunk up on two legs, then four.
Like many others, the student quoted above did not take much notice of plants before performing the bud observation activity described here.
Not only are Bud and Carl Fox played by real-life son and father actors, Charlie and Martin Sheen, but Stone dedicated the film to his father and cast his own toddler son in the film.
In March Bud Light bottles, cans, secondary packaging and point-of-sale materials will include the words "superior drinkability" along with new coloring and design elements.
Bud is an 88 year old gentleman, living in Sun City West, Arizona.