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The budgetary cap sets an approximate overall figure under which the various ministries and government agencies present their budget requests to the government.
11 is on interperiod equity as representing the spirit of budgetary laws.
Thus, in budgetary terms, production of additional coins would (a) raise budgeted outlays by the Treasury for Mint operations in the year of production and (b) increase seigniorage, and consequently reduce budgeted outlays for interest on the borrowing displaced thereby, in the year of production and in all future years.
As spending on infrastructure became less important in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the sector began to experience budgetary surpluses, except when recessions eroded tax bases and expanded the demand for resources.
The new measures mean increased transparency on their budgetary decisions, stronger coordination in the euro area starting with the 2014 budgetary cycle, and the recognition of the special needs of euro area Member States under severe financial pressure.
As per the terms of the agreement, US$ 50 million was earmarked for imports from India and the other US$ 50 million was to be utilized for budgetary support by the Government of Maldives.
While budgetary actions have been significant, these changes have not been sufficient to offset shortfalls in the fiscal 1999-2003 period.
Consequently, the city estimates to reach a deficit before amortization payments of US$50 million in 2006, which added to the amortization payments planned for the year, would imply a budgetary deficit of US$180 million in 2006, to be funded with the current cash balance.
Also explored in depth are factors contributing to participation, such as legislative action, state budgetary activity, student enrolment and increased tuition costs.
Management's sound budgetary practices and the expanding economy allowed the city to sustain a solid financial position.
With sustained economic growth and continued vigilance in managing expenditures in fiscal 2006, the province will maintain balanced budgetary results, despite absorbing collective bargaining expenditure increases and modest personal tax relief.