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Our budgeting and planning process also has been hastened, as our conservation efforts--the science of the zoo, closely linked with our animal collection--become a larger part of our mission to meet the expanding conservation needs in the world.
For purposes of this article, multi-year budgeting refers to both a process and a document.
National Semiconductor brought in outside consultants who mapped out the complex steps new strategy required, but after estimating the dollar investment the company decided to revisit a more traditional and far less expensive planning and budgeting process.
The book begins by discussing the role of budgeting in business.
This provides ample time for new persons to get fully comfortable with the idea of direct participation in budgeting -- a major consideration for staffers who may feel intimidated or put off by the idea.
States have avoided this trap through a sensible bookkeeping strategy-capital budgeting.
The governor is pushing major reforms in budgeting, education spending, state employee pensions and redistricting.
Can anyone recommend a good budgeting software package?
This made for relatively simple budgeting and required few decisions about alternatives.