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I'm not asking for buggies not to be allowed on buses, just a bit of common sense to prevail and other passengers to help me and mothers with buggies.
Adil Shah a wedding hall owner at Rawalpindi said This past tradition becoming a fast trend in vogue, mostly people hire decorated buggies rather than decorated cars.
However, according to the source, the women should use the bikes and buggies only for recreational purposes and not as permanent means of transport.
A quarter of parents had bought second-hand buggies, mainly from auction websites or friends and family.
The buggies are a great idea, especially if you don't know the course," said 20-handicapper Ian Sheppard, aged 23 and from Birmingham.
I grew up in Kentucky, and I was around wagons and buggies and stuff, so I kind of knew that.
Today, Rhode Island-based Lawrence Medical Products, run by Ralph Lawrence and Autumn's parents - son Marc and daughter-in-law Carlene - is well on its way to being the most respected supplier of American-made IV Buggies in the world.
RAWALPINDI -- The old trend of hiring decorative buggies (horse carriages) by the bridegrooms on their marriage ceremonies is again in vogue in the city to give a fascinating touch to the weddings.
uk Hamster Buggy Bags are a pair of bags that attach securely and neatly to the sides of buggies using strong hooks.
Name of product: Bad Boy Buggies off-road utility vehicles
Although the firm has refused to admit liability, it will pay between pounds 2,000 and pounds 10,000 to at least 40 youngsters who had fingers cut off, sliced or broken when their hands became trapped in the hinges of its buggies.
After hearing about the firm's decision to recall the buggies in the USA Faye said she felt "cross".