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Residential builders are slow to catch on to the trend, as they tend to look at what sold yesterday when deciding what to build today.
You can build a pretty mediocre house from an energy standpoint at 1,200 square feet and it will probably use a lot less energy than a state-of-art green home that is 3,500 square feet.
Today's mainstream developers could be tomorrow's environmental leaders, especially if they follow The Rocky Mountain Institute's Primer on Sustainable Building, which notes that a sustainable building should be "economical to build and operate.
Using a modular approach (factory-built pieces shipped for on-site assembly), two recently completed energy-efficient and nontoxic homes were approximately 20 percent less expensive to build than comparable conventional ones.
Ensure all workers on projects receive a Build Safe NYC orientation;
Provide assistance and support to Build Safe NYC subcontractors in preparing project specific safety and health plans, performing pre-task safety and health planning and advancing their safety and health efforts;
The might of a corporation lingers in the monuments it builds long after it has gone.