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Build-ups of fat and other materials in coronary (heart) arteries were significantly more common in men with HIV than in a comparison group of men without HIV, even though all men had a low risk of heart disease indicated by traditional heart disease risk factors.
But the mangled wreckage of their cars was strewn across the southbound carriageways, quickly causing huge build-ups for frustrated commuters.
I wrongly figured that it would start clearing up quickly since the cumulus build-up didn't look too thick.
For example, at peak trading times our control room operators can liaise with the radio stations via Trafficlink to keep our customers fully informed of build-ups and what direct route to take to alternative car parks.
We are going to have to have a look at the situation, but the county council has already had traffic engineers down there trying to sort things out with the lights and traffic build-ups you get.
These harmful plaque build-ups can lead to gum disease and even tooth loss.
The Uefa technical report on the 2010-11 Champions League gives the number of goals scored from different build-ups.
Windows PCs can slow due to too many files, temp files, errors and other common build-ups.
Traffic build-ups began yesterday lunchtime, with 20 sets of roadworks suspended from 6am today to Monday.
David Edwell The Agency cleared the build-ups and widened and cleared overgrown stretches of the rivers Rhydhir, Penrhos and Erch.
The problem of sewer abuse has become so great in the region that last year out of the 20,000 blockages the company removed from its sewers, thousands were directly attributable to build-ups of nappies and baby wipes.
Roads heading towards the NEC, which were heavy with traffic heading towards dog show Crufts, also faced severe build-ups.