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A so-called modularity pack at pounds 295 includes a folding passenger seat, swivelling bulkhead and a roof hatch.
Thermo King is pleased to announce the introduction of its new PrimAir Universal Insulated Bulkhead, in partnership with ITW Insulated Products.
Mr Hughes told the court he had been part of a team which fitted new bulkheads to the Solway Harvester before it sank.
Push the bulkhead flange through the inside of the barrel.
Sections of a bulkhead exposed to tide cycles are particularly vulnerable to rust and corrosion because of the daily exposure to seawater and oxygen.
Install the pipe elbow on the bulkhead adapter and hand-tighten it.
Rather than risk continuing, they chose to turn around and carry out a full repair to the J4 bulkhead in Auckland.
D Radio, Steel Bulkhead and twin side loading doors all around 5,000 miles fully serviced at main dealer one off vehicles.
Like most brewers, MillerCoors had used corrugated bulkhead spacers, plywood sheets and cardboard dividers to protect beer in transit.
Thanks to an adjustable bulkhead in the aft cabin, the space can be configured as two equal berths or as one large berth and one small berth.
For a forward bulkhead template, Lewis used a piece of cardboard.
The 17-inch-deep, 1RU, 2RU and 4RU enclosures feature an easy-glide sliding tray, which is fully removable to facilitate high-density field terminations and splicing, while the front and rear of the bulkhead remains accessible for moves, adds and changes.