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The variety of food on offer was a far cry from bully beef, biscuits and tea, even if the food selections in some cases appear a bit idiosyncratic to the modern eye (curry and rice followed by chops and mashed potatoes for breakfast)
For meals they will send their corporal back through the lines to pick up food such as bully beef and oatmeal biscuits.
There's a Bully Beef of a mixed grill to give your cardiologist palpitations and a hugely naff, therefore hugely desirable, James Hunt-esque Surf & Turf of sirloin steak, king prawns, scallops and garlic butter.
But I needed convincing as I lay awake during the nights before this excursion, worrying about communal shower blocks, nocturnal toilet excursions and bully beef rations.
During a lull in the war in North Africa, he tried to tame a feral dog by feeding it bully beef.
The Royal Welsh Fusiliers who'd also been ordered to stay in their trenches joined in the spirit of the occasion tossing tins of bully beef and jam towards the Germans and shouting a variety of seasonal greetings like: "Here you are, you hungry bastards
Supplies included a tin of bully beef, a tin of tea, sugar and ``a few handfuls of small biscuits of a cast iron texture.
Breakfast of bully beef and powdered eggs did not sit easily with those young men crossing the choppy Channel on the morning of June 6, 1944.
Elaine gave me a bunch of grapes and a bottle of Cognac, and I gave her a tin of bully beef and sardines,' said Dick.
30pm and we were ordered to camp down, post sentries dig trenches and have some bully beef and biscuits.
But from next month two per cent of all troops - about 4,000 - will march on lentils and tikka masala rather than bully beef and bacon.
BULLY BEEF RECIPE FOR those that survived the horrors of the First World War, when the Second World War broke out and the bombs started to drop on Birmingham it brought back painful memories.