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Very few days seem to go by, of late, without Canadians hearing about the alarming consequence of bullying in some form or another.
Other costs to the economy include public sector costs such as the health and medical services needed to treat bullied individuals, and income support and other government benefits provided to victims of bullying who become unemployed as a result.
When it comes to traditional bullying, Elena said it is very important to note that bullying often occurs on the bus where there is less supervision.
WorkSafe NZ and MBIE have adopted the Safe Work Australia definition of workplace bullying: "Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety.
Our research shows that long-term bullying has a severe impact on a child's overall health, and that its negative effects can accumulate and get worse with time," first author of the study Dr Bogart from Boston Children's Division of General Pediatrics, (http://medicalxpress.
Luckily, he found the strength to confront the bullies -- with words, not fists -- and the bullying stopped.
To tackle the increasingly serious problem of bullying, parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children need to develop greater insight - insight they cannot always get from young people who are too close to the experience to see it clearly and too immature to understand all of the dynamics.
Don't downplay bullying," said teen expert Jay McGraw (2008).
As we have made clear with our Bully Stoppers campaign, there is no place for bullying in our community at school, in the playground or in the workplace.
So a team of scientists, led by Lucy Bowes at the University of Oxford, carried out one of the largest studies on the association between bullying by peers in teenage years and depression in early adulthood.
Kick starting a new peaceful anti-bullying campaign waged through "The Defenders" series of books, "The Defenders: Bully Patrol" follows some of the experiences of Matthew and older brother Tommy as they encounter bullying at school.