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At its inaugural participation at Infosecurity Middle East in Abu Dhabi, regional distributor Bulwark is demonstrating how adversaries can enter an organisation stealthily through email attacks, APTs and other sophisticated means.
said Bulwark cater to customers' needs and has been introducing not just
Last night in the Commons Conservative James Gray fumed: "If Bulwark were to go and there were to be 1,000 people cut in the Royal Marines I and, I think, many on our side of the House would not support the Government.
Captain James Parkin, the captain of HMS Bulwark, said: "Bringing HMS Bulwark to the North East is like taking the ship home.
HMS Bulwark has been in the Mediterranean as part of Exercise Trident Juncture, NATO s largest exercise in 20 years predominantly in, over and on the seas around Portugal, Spain and Italy.
Royal Marines from HMS Bulwark help rescue migrants stranded on a boat, 30 miles off the Libyan coast yesterday <B Rowan Griffiths/Daily Mirror
Last week Bulwark plucked 747 people from dangerously overcrowded boats in a similar operation and it is thought yesterday's rescue will take the number of lives saved to more than 2,000 since it began its work there last month.
Nick Cooke-Priest, Captain of HMS Bulwark said: "This has been an intense, complex day.
Hours later, the desperate refugees were safe aboard HMS Bulwark.
Helicopters were deployed and successfully spotted a number of migrant vessels often in poor visibility allowing boats from HMS Bulwark to get to them.
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon visited Bulwark, flown in on board one of the ship's two Mark II Merlin helicopters, which are used to scour the seas for stranded, overcrowded boats.
Our association - the HMS Bulwark Albion Centaur Association - is open to anyone who served at any time on these ships.