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Has building these speed bumps become a national obligation?
Dr Helen Ashdown said: "Asking patients whether their pain worsened going over speed bumps turns out to be a good way of assessing people with suspected appendicitis.
PEOPLE who feel excess pain when travelling over a speed bump could be suffering from appendicitis, research suggests.
Sixty-four patients had travelled over speed bumps on their way to hospital.
When I was in Spain recently they were removing speed bumps up as the government were unable to pay for all the claims for compensation.
As with any utilization of CAD, being able to identify the x-y locations of the bumps will be necessary.
The red specimen inhabiting the roadway on Castle Street, appears at number eight in the list, compiled by Continental Tyres, which is campaigning for large numbers of speed bumps to be replaced by speed cameras.
19, 2006, was a catalyst for Bumps plans, but it was not the inspiration.
At our last Neighbourhood Watch meeting in September, which was attended by Cllr Mr Tony O'Neil and road transport representatives, a heated debate ensued again as to the excessive height of these bumps, even damaging the vehicles that navigate the bumps at a crawl.
A THERE is no safety benefit whatsoever in speed bumps.
After five years of trials, the Transcalm bump is set to be used in London and Birmingham.
Why on earth would I put on ski boards and head out onto bumps and moguls, the most difficult area of any mountain?