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TORY bungler Iain Duncan Smith spent PS53million last year on private contractors and extra staff to rescue his benefits overhaul.
The headline read: "Bob the bungler blew TWO chances to save couple held by pirates.
He was called idiot, clown, racist, snob, homophobe, bungler, boob.
Despite apparently convincing evidence otherwise, not everyone at Capital of Culture is a half-witted bungler.
But when the bungler staged a knife-point mugging soon after leaving a local police station his chances of success were slimmer than his build.
I always thought I was a painstaking editor, but George makes me look like a bungler.
For instance, Vidal's Jefferson is a brilliant but duplicitous empire-builder willing to undermine the Bill of Rights whenever it suits his purposes; and Vidal's Washington is a hopeless military bungler, who would have lost the Revolution but for the aid of the French, yet was a politician of surprising genius.
Task bungler Federico and Scouser marketing coordinator Scott escaped eviction along with Jon.
GRICER is an alternative to train-spotter; it's much more impressive to refer to a POLLINCTOR than to say that someone prepares bodies for cremation and embalming; and it's much more satisfying to refer to someone as a BATIE-BUMMIL rather than just a bungler.
Perhaps Cohen's toughest case to make might be that Churchill was a superb war leader rather than a bungler.
A natural bungler, Dagwood was wonderfully inept as a suitor.
In a world where there was real justice that would be a suitable punishment for a bungler like Hayward.