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There was no bungling, no brutality; nothing of which to be ashamed in the whole transaction, as I am sure you will agree.
You've tried me to the utmost," he said at last; and as soon as he said these words he lost his moral footing, and felt himself swept away from his pinnacle by a flood of passionate resentment against the bungling creature that had come so near to spoiling his life.
I was but a bungling shipwright, yet as I knew the usefulness and even necessity of such a thing, I applied myself with so much pains to do it, that at last I brought it to pass; though, considering the many dull contrivances I had for it that failed, I think it cost me almost as much labour as making the boat.
Hugh made no answer, but snatching the rope from his companion's hand, proceeded to bind old John himself; but his very first move was so bungling and unskilful, that Mr Dennis entreated, almost with tears in his eyes, that he might be permitted to perform the duty.
There is no crime to detect, or, at most, some bungling villany with a motive so transparent that even a Scotland Yard official can see through it.
Jacobs himself, familiarly known as Old Goggles, from his habit of wearing spectacles, imposed no painful awe; and if it was the property of snuffy old hypocrites like him to write like copperplate and surround their signatures with arabesques, to spell without forethought, and to spout "my name is Norval" without bungling, Tom, for his part, was glad he was not in danger of those mean accomplishments.
BUNGLING Boris does it again, claiming there is no reason for Scotland to have more devolved powers if there is a No vote.
The bungling banditti bureaucrats haven't even completed the transformation, and citizens, mostly the old, I should imagine,are feeling the "pinch".
BUNGLING burglars made such a meal of trying to cart o a heavy safe in broad daylight that witnesses thought they were trying to move a fence.
Their bungling inefficiency is only matched by their lack of concern for public safety.
BUNGLING Iain Duncan Smith spent PS1million a week drafting in private contractors and extra staff last year to rescue his benefits overhaul.
Bungling Aer Lingus chiefs obviously have their heads in the clouds.