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TIGER Woods famously kept out of the sand when he won the 2000 Open at St Andrews - the last time it was played on the famous Old Course - incredibly avoiding all 112 bunkers.
Club pro Taylor goes slightly in the opposite direction, because of reduced sloping on the 17th green and reworked bunkers with greater sand consistency that yield consistently better lies.
Surviving bunkers can command high prices, depending on where they are situated.
Dr Helen de Lemos,Clean Merseyside Centre manager, said: ``Glass sand bunkers demonstrate yet another practical use for recycled materials.
Played from a raised tee, three bunkers on the left guard the green that drops away on all sides.
The valiant resistance from rooftops, bunkers, attics and makeshift defensive positions forced the SS and their friendly "volunteers" to evacuate.
The green is elevated, and there's a deep bunker in front, which I managed to clear with my approach shot.
The company's strategy is aimed at identifying and acquiring physical bunkering facilities strategically located on major shipping routes and to develop them in order to provide ship-owners with accessible supplies of consistently high quality bunker fuel which are competitively priced.
Jeyakrishnan said that it will also initiate steps to market Kochi internationally as a bunker hub to substitute other ports in the South Asian region.
The second is played to an oval-shaped green with bunkers front right and left.
Lesson 4 -- Greenside Bunkers Greenside bunker play is a very unique area of golf as it is the only time where we deliberately try to miss the ball
1 465 yards, par 4: A challenging opening hole, which offers the choice of a drive to the left of the fairway where the bunkers are, or to the right, away from the traps but leaving a far tougher approach shot, with two more bunkers to the green.