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Deeply critical of Obama's failings yet mindful of his successes, she presents a bracingly sensible, buoyantly bemused response to a Democratic presidency that (as ever) most on the left find disappointing yet know they'll be voting to re-elect anyway.
To put it buoyantly, the figures reflect a tremendous scope for substantial development, if the right macro environment is established and an appropriate regulatory framework is developed.
The occasional classic tune is mixed amid the rousing original ditties offering wryly humorous lyrics and buoyantly dynamic rhythms, resulting in a music album that is first and foremost about fun.
Bloom writes: "In Memoriam is so troubled by the materialistic metaphysical implications of Victorian geology because Tennyson's imagination responded naturally and even buoyantly to speculations which his moral intellect could not tolerate.
This enterprising outfit takes real cross-cultural risks--it gives us greater access to spunky, puckish, often buoyantly punk new writings from around the world.
He said: "It is not unusual to take some time to get a new vicar in; in fact this is moving along quite buoyantly.
During his latest interview, Perry, on Fox News Sunday, buoyantly insisted - yet again - that he has no plans to run for president.
Republicans buoyantly forecast a new era of divided government.
Nonetheless, John Milbank buoyantly asserts that "nothing in Taylor's radical insistence on the historical rule of contingency would seem to preclude.
Should they perform as buoyantly as they did against Sunderland last week, Liverpool should have far too much for Birmingham but St Andrews is a difficult ground at which to play, meaning Agger and his defensive cohorts will need to be on top form.
The bouncing, lightly rhyming verses are buoyantly translated into colourful, gentle drawings by Argentine resident Nora Hilb.
There are two puzzles Fisher must attend to as this buoyantly breezy tale unwinds.