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European market grew buoyantly after a successful auction in Spain yesterday.
He spoke buoyantly of the 'real' start of peace between the two countries and a new era of cooperation and mutual benefit, pipeline-mediated and along a 'soft border' blocked to weapons and ammunition and open to the movement of people and goods.
Ogan and James, both from Birmingham had looked jaded during an attritional final rubber against Kent the previous day but bounced back buoyantly and after squeaking through a tight three-setter against the Yorkshire seconds 6-4 in the decider, it was business as usual as they won the others in straight sets.
But no one should believe that if Greece and Spain abandon the euro, their economies will float buoyantly upward without wrenching interim misery.
Despite an unexpected fall in the Case Shiller US house price index and weak US Consumer Confidence data, the American market - which was closed yesterday - opened buoyantly and the positive momentum fed through to the UK market.
At Jerrinja cursing, creative obscenities and lewd humour ride buoyantly in the flow of everyday conversation between familiars as well as spiking outbursts of anger amongst them.
The occasional classic tune is mixed amid the rousing original ditties offering wryly humorous lyrics and buoyantly dynamic rhythms, resulting in a music album that is first and foremost about fun.
Re-reading the manual in the light of deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan, one cannot help being struck by the contrast between the sober, even dour tone of Chapter 1, with its emphasis on the host nation government's legitimacy, and the buoyantly optimistic tone of many official military statements about the Afghan war.
He said: "It is not unusual to take some time to get a new vicar in; in fact this is moving along quite buoyantly.
During his latest interview, Perry, on Fox News Sunday, buoyantly insisted - yet again - that he has no plans to run for president.
Republicans buoyantly forecast a new era of divided government.
This high value suggests relatively poor resistance to water penetration, possibly a reason why storm petrels feed from the water surface without alighting, but when they do alight, they float buoyantly high, a condition consistent with low pressure for water penetration (Rijke and Burger 1985).