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In accepting responsibility for the latter, we must understand that there cannot be just one style: the squalid failure of PoMo has shown us that, as did the catastrophe of bureaucratic Modernism earlier.
They also support a hopelessly bureaucratic licensing system that encourages mediocrity and repels smart young people.
One of the great virtues of the Graz architects is that they can take the kind of bureaucratic programmes that contemporary democratic society demands (for the best of reasons) and turn them into a series of memorable, particular places, rather than faceless and impersonal megastructures.
We've jumped every hurdle placed in our path as the proposal moved through the bureaucratic process.
The Government backed report adds: "There is little delegation, a concentration of power in a bureaucratic headquarters and few are ever held to account for the success or otherwise of their actions.
However, in most health care organizations, there is a bureaucratic hierarchy of defined authority for decision making.
Political and bureaucratic reforms, laws guaranteeing a free press, multiple political parties, and grass roots participation in democracy are required to establish and maintain this precept at a structural level.
Despite Gumbel's provocative title and thesis, he documents far less outright fraud than he does an unrelenting parade of petty malfeasance, bureaucratic incompetence, and rank stupidity.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari confirmed that his ministry is ready to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and customs and show the necessary work for BP Company in the country.
Enderun (the palace school) provided recruits for the bureaucratic center.
The post-bureaucratic organization is a fold within the bureaucracy; a bureaucracy that does not wish to be recognized as such but which cannot escape its bureaucratic form.
BUILDER Redrow blamed the country's planning system for a housing shortage - branding it a bureaucratic mess.