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e, formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance), because they are the problems people hate the most.
Xi called the campaign a "thorough inspection, overhaul and cleanup" of undesirable work styles and practices such as formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance.
Subnational attempts to reallocate income are likely to be thwarted by the mobility of high-income distincts and of capital, and the attempts to reallocate income will create distortions and inefficiencies in geographic location; the unequal and possibly inadequate fiscal capacities of regional administrations also make bureaucratism desirable on equity grounds.
To attract more FDI, the author concludes, Africa needs comprehensive social reform and reduction of bureaucratism.
Not every essay deals with Jewish issues, but in "Why I would prefer not to be a Jew--and if I must, then rather not in Germany," Broder excoriates the German mentality of bureaucratism which masks a more latent antisemitism, in his opinion, and the failure of the Jewish community's leadership to oppose it.
In this view Watarai echoes contemporary Mitsubishi Industries director Shoda Heigoro, who saw nationalisation as part of a pernicious trend of industrial bureaucratism (kangyoshugi).
In particular, the Three-Anti campaign in 1951 to combat corruption, waste, and bureaucratism, and the Five-Anti campaign in 1952 against bribery, tax evasion, fraud, theft of government property, and leakage of state economic secrets gave rise to a nationwide attack against all the churches.
There was strong resistance by workers to the labor contract system, though in official discourse the failure to implement the Labor Contract Law of 1986 in state-owned and collective enterprises was attributed to bureaucratism and poor understanding of why or how it was to be done.
Read argues that three themes can be followed throughout the Communist period, those of productionism, careerism, and bureaucratism.
Thus Deng (1994) criticized the proliferation of cadre-run companies and criticized "organizational overlapping, overstaffing, bureaucratism, sluggishness, endless disputes over trifles and the repossession of powers devolved to lower levels" (p.
Dimension was a part of the rebirth of the Left in the 1960s, and for a few years a powerful critique of the bureaucratism of trade union leadership flourished.
One area of growth has been in Quango-land, `` he said, ``We have got to keep our eye on bureaucratism in Wales, we are a country that loves a committee.