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No violence, however, had as yet been committed; and the file of horsemen who were guarding the approaches of the Buytenhof remained cool, unmoved, silent, much more threatening in their impassibility than all this crowd of burghers, with their cries, their agitation, and their threats.
The burghers shook their muskets, repeating their cry, --
In fact Wolfert Webber was one of those worthy Dutch burghers of the Manhattoes whose fortunes have been made, in a manner, in spite of themselves; who have tenaciously held on to their hereditary acres, raising turnips and cabbages about the skirts of the city, hardly able to make both ends meet, until the corporation has cruelly driven streets through their abodes, and they have suddenly awakened out of their lethargy, and, to their astonishment, found themselves rich men.
Moving from the governing families to the upper ranks of noble and burgher estates are entries by Elena Brizio, Jamie Smith, Shennan Hutton, and Mauro Carboni.
Joel Burgher, 23, told police that he had no intention of harvesting the plants or of making a profit from his circle of friends.
Attending the bride as her maids of honor were the bride's cousins, Susan Claire Burgher and Abigail Anne Burgher.
the bearded burgher, at the center of the monument of six
However, there are reasons to believe Edin Burgher may run better than that stat suggests in the 6.
Ask the groups to arrange the individual students to represent the sculpture, each person taking the pose of a burgher within the group of burghers.
The Presbyterian minister who was the focus of MacGregor's polemic, Daniel Cock, was a Burgher Seceder from Scotland whose flock included Scots-Irish from New Hampshire who had brought their slaves with them to Nova Scotia.
She traces the motivations and involvement of rising and falling kings, the nascent but already powerful burgher class, and the pitiable and often-confused common folk, all of whom became involved in pitched battles that ranged from Italy to Sweden and reflected a new type of comprehensive and modern war.