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George looked over the rocks, and saw them trying to lift the burly form of Tom into the saddle.
Toward the front and the door he made his way when once his nose had assured him that Meriem lay within; but as he rounded the side and came within view of the entrance he saw a burly Negro armed with a long spear squatting at the portal of the girl's prison.
You know I am no lightweight, and the others were both burly men.
The man before him, a burly rough, tried to close, and he stopped him with a blow in the face.
They seemed, for the most part, to be very burly men.
On the rail his burly form would stop and stand swaying.
The workmen all looked up; Jim Salt, a burly, red-haired man known as Sandy Jim, paused from his planing, and Adam said to Seth, with a sharp glance of surprise, "What
Last of all came a burly islander, holding over his head a wooden trencher, in which lay disposed the remnants of our midnight feast, hidden from view, however, by a covering of bread-fruit leaves.
In spite of her immense age (three, years), it rang between the canon-like frames as a pibroch rings in a mountain pass; the fanners changed their note, and repeated it up in every gallery; and the broad-winged drones, burly and eager, ended it on one nerve-thrilling outbreak of bugles: "La Reine le veult
Kim had had many dealings with Mahbub in his little life, especially between his tenth and his thirteenth year - and the big burly Afghan, his beard dyed scarlet with lime (for he was elderly and did not wish his grey hairs to show), knew the boy's value as a gossip.
Just then some masks from outside invaded the cafe, dancing hand in hand in a single file led by a burly man with a cardboard nose.
The words were hardly out of his mouth before a man appeared at the door of the room, a very fat and burly man, with a heavy stick in his hand.

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