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BURNING. Vide Accident; Arson; Fire, accidental.

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Elliott suggested burning a cross in Jubilee's yard.
Racist groups have long used burning crosses among their symbols, and to intimidate blacks, Jews, and other minority groups.
Burning the Stars and Stripes is a 49-year-old tradition for American Legion Post 339, but smoke from the nylon and rayon flags has raised a flap with Ventura County air pollution regulators.
Responding to a neighbor's complaint after a ceremonial burning June 19, regulators advised leaders of the downtown Ventura post to stop the occasional practice until a less offensive method is found.
A group of Idaho residents today asked the Idaho state court to order an immediate ban against grass burning while a recently filed class-action lawsuit works its way through the court system.
Outraged by the recent spate of church burnings across the country, African-American and Jewish leaders in the San Fernando Valley have formed a new coalition to raise rebuilding funds.
The meeting was called by the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council, to discuss a course of action for local religious leaders in the wake of an estimated 40 church burnings over the last year, targeting predominantly African-American congregations.
As he had done in his radio address Saturday, Clinton asked Americans with information on the church burnings to come forward.
Randolph Scott-McLaughlin, vice president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is working with the National Council of Churches and the Atlanta-based Center for Democratic Renewal to stop the church burnings, said that his group was planning a number of similar civil suits.
Congress, the states and citizens now must discern the difference between a highly provocative act such as burning an American flag, which the court has said is an exercise of free-speech rights, and burning a cross, which the court has now ruled may be prohibited by law.
While flag-burning doesn't require a permit, just like agriculture burning, the fact that enough smoke is produced to generate a complaint requires corrective action, said Scott Johnson, a top official for the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District.
Johnson was convicted of violating the Texas law against flag desecration, but in 1989 the Supreme Court struck down the statute, ruling 5-4 that burning a flag in public protest is a constitutionally protected form of free speech.