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For a little while the light in the burrow vanished, and they heard the sound of his crawling.
They lay in a fluffy bed of rabbit wool and hay, in a shallow burrow, separate from the main rabbit hole.
Brown contrived to burrow a passage through the snow-drift, and, with his bare head bent against the storm, floundered onward to Peter's door.
What Kaa did not know about the Middle Jungle, as they call it,--the life that runs close to the earth or under it, the boulder, burrow, and the tree-bole life,--might have been written upon the smallest of his scales.
Somewhere there, on that desolate plain, was lurking this fiendish man, hiding in a burrow like a wild beast, his heart full of malignancy against the whole race which had cast him out.
All round this garden, in the uncultivated parts, red partridges ran about in conveys among the brambles and tufts of junipers, and at every step of the comte and Raoul a terrified rabbit quitted his thyme and heath to scuttle away to the burrow.
A door suddenly flew open out of what appeared to be solid wall at the end of the corridor, and a little, wizened man darted out of it, like a rabbit out of its burrow.
He shot into his cabin like a rabbit into its burrow, just in time to escape that shouting terror.
It was a scheme conceived in a flash, and ever since relentlessly pursued, to burrow under Mary's influence with the boy, expose her to him in all her vagaries, take him utterly from her and make him mine.
When I was young I lived in a burrow in the forest.
And some time,' said she, 'I will show you the library: I never examined its shelves, but, I daresay, it is full of wise books; and you may go and burrow among them whenever you please.
As if to emphasize it he turned and entered his burrow.