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The most important finding from this study relating to crawfish aquaculture may be the projection that few offspring from winter burrowing crawfish would likely be able to reach an acceptable harvest size within a typical production season, which ends in May or early June in Louisiana (McClain et al.
Burrowing would have given small dinosaurs a refuge for the winter where they could rest and conserve energy, but evidence of this had been lacking.
This study investigates the mechanics of burrowing in coral cobras (Aspidelaps lubricus).
Burrowing could have helped dinosaurs live in extreme conditions like deserts and polar regions and up in mountains
Tears welled in the eyes of local birders out for a stroll Monday night when by chance they spotted a tiny Western burrowing owl -- which shuns twiggy nests for an underground hole.
However, no dose of bifenthrin or exposure to true estrogen deterred this species from burrowing.
Initially the terrarium was divided into 45 by 45 by 54 cm halves by a 50 cm tall piece of cardboard buried into the sand to prevent lizards from burrowing from one half to the other.
Almost as soon as the burrow is finished, rabbits, eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, burrowing owls, beetles and three different species of flies move in.
Under the final rule, EPA will continue to require sediment testing using at least two sensitive marine species that must collectively represent three characteristics -- burrowing, filter feeding and deposit feeding -- that make them susceptible to exposure to sediment contaminents.
Burrowing is one of the most primitive characters in terrestrial ancestors of Arachnida (Decae, 1984) and it is still present in the most primitive members of that class.
Migration routes of Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia) have been poorly documented (Haug et al.