burst forth

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TWO of the world's biggest, smelliest flowers have burst forth - causing a sensation among visitors to the Eden Project.
Uther, just an ordinary hoofed animal (as a ruminant, swine, horse, tapir, rhinoceros or hyrax), normally quiet and not prone to much speaking, suddenly burst forth with demands and final decrees; demands that cannot possibly be carried out.
John (Cally) Callahan, Waterloo BEAUTY Clouds float and scurry across blue sky Birds swoop and swerve as they pass by Sand blows in determined spurts covering your toes Sea water ripples to and fro as tide comes and goes Spring peeps over the hill a hint of things anew Sheep and cattle may stop to stare but continue to chew Flowers bud and burst forth in colour lifting spirits high Meadows and fields carpeted in green so pleasant on the eye Take time to enjoy these wonders as seasons come around The joy of seeing, touching and smelling The miracles from the ground by Irene Burgess, Litherland
Beneath the orange haze of Saturn's moon Titan, methane rains from the sky and pools in lakes--and might even burst forth from massive storm squalls like those seen on Earth.
His love of "secular knowledge" burst forth like a broken dam.
If we look very carefully we see trees in bud, Just waiting to burst forth as they should, The lovely grape hyacinths with leaves so green, From there a blue carpet soon should be seen.
For four days, we had tasted the worldwide kingdom of God, and this song was on our hearts as we returned home, wondering where God's redeeming work would burst forth in our lives, our churches, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Like any young band, their upbeat and urgent songs burst forth with something pressing to impart.
The storm burst forth with great violence, but of short duration, And spread o'er a wide district, and filled the people's hearts with consternation, And its effects were such that the people will long mind, Because at Peterhead the roof was torn off a church by the heavy wind.
Dubai: Don't expect the Sun to burst forth anytime soon in the next few days.
Also all of a sudden - after weeks of easy winter - the forsythia have burst forth in their annual exuberance, roughly three or four weeks before usual.