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He saw in the gang of red-caps nothing but a crew of pirates burying their spoils, and his cupidity was once more awakened by the possibility of at length getting on the traces of some of this lurking wealth.
The instant that he dodged beneath Sheeta's blow, he leaped to the beast's rear and then full upon the tawny back, burying his teeth in Sheeta's neck and the fingers of one hand in the fur at the throat, and with the other hand he drove his blade into Sheeta's side.
And with Taug's example before them the other bulls charged, burying Sheeta beneath rending fangs and filling all the forest with the wild din of their battle cries.
Sometimes she would lift and send across some great wave, burying her starboard-rail from view, and covering her deck to the hatches with the boiling ocean.
That afternoon Fuchs told me story after story: about the Black Tiger Mine, and about violent deaths and casual buryings, and the queer fancies of dying men.
Legal experts say there are alternatives for mayors who fear that burying a terrorist in their cities could bring trouble.
Summary: DUBAI -- Two Pakistani irrigation workers stood trial in the Court of Misdemeanours on the charge of burying the body of a premature baby without acquiring the proper authorisation from the authorities.
Cricket star Mike Powell had a ribbing off his team-mates after burying part of his body beneath the Sophia Gardens turf.
For the last 80 years, the county's Department of Health Services has taken on the duty of burying some 300,000 people who could not be identified or claimed and in some cases, whose families cannot afford to bury them.