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[Latin, For all; containing two or more independent matters.] A term frequently used in reference to a legislative bill comprised of two or more general subjects that is designed to compel the executive to approve provisions that he or she would otherwise reject but that he or she signs into law to prevent the defeat of the entire bill.

Laws governing the Federal Budget are typically omnibus bills; for example, the Omnibus Consolidated Rescissions and Appropriations Act of 1996 (110 Stat. 1321).


adjective all-embracing, all-inclusive, broad, catholic, collective, compendious, complete, composite, comprehensive, encyclopedic, encyclopedical, exhaustive, expansive, extensive, general, generic, inclusive, indiscriminate, limitless, of great scope, overall, pandemic, sweeping, unqualified, unrestricted, wide-reaching, widespread
Associated concepts: omnibus law
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The district, Spencer Community School District, which serves more than 2,400 students in northwest Iowa, was especially concerned about drivers passing the stop arm around the bus that carried its 3- and 4-year old pre-schoolers.
The server uses another PCI-X bus to host a network controller that could support an Ethernet, iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) or custom bus.
Mass Transit by Stephanie Corson, a fully-occupied bus offers six times the fuel efficiency of the average commuter's automobile, and the fuel efficiency of a fully-occupied rail car is 15 times greater than that of the average commuter's automobile.
Avoiding overweight will preserve the life of the bus and its components - and, in effect, will help save customers from themselves.
With the support of Yoko Ono Lennon and the corporate sponsorship of some of today's biggest names in music and video hardware and software, the non-profit John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a professional mobile recording and multimedia studio outfitted with the latest in audio and video technological advances as well as a full complement of traditional musical instruments.
The decree forced the MTA to expand its bus hours and service in some of the city's poorest and minority-populated areas.
Serial ATA is the proactive evolution of the ATA interface from a parallel bus to a serial bus architecture.
The legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist will be on hand to sign copies of the newly released book, Come Together: The Official John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Guide to Music and Video.
The experience for the bus riders is not the reduced overcrowding that the MTA promised to provide nine and a half years ago,'' said Richard Larson, an NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund attorney who representing the riders.
The SSM-2 (SCSI signal modeling) standard uses the data from the PIP measurements to model the SCSI bus segments to ensure there are no periodic structures that create filters.
1) Therefore, in the earlier bus scenario, the question becomes whether the officers' movement of the bags in the overhead rack constitutes a meaningful interference with the passenger's possessory interests in the bag.