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So far it has been very quiet, and I don't think it will get much busier.
An AA spokesman said this weekend was likely to be busier than a usual Easter with families looking to forget the worst winter for 30 years.
28 from Formby had been cancelled so her train was busier than normal.
His team is getting busier and busier in trying to reduce incidents which cause problems throughout Coventry.
High-tech gadgets such as mobile phones, Blackberries, PDAs and laptops are causing one in three people (36 per cent) to feel busier than ever before, according to research from Friends Provident.
Rankin said that youngsters had to be given the skills to stay safe, adding: "You have to learn some real world skills for the real world we are living in these days and prepare kids for our roads which are getting busier and busier with traffic.
There is a world of good information in the volume, written in an easily understood outline style making it valuable for younger as well as busier students.
But I wonder if one isn't supposed to learn something from this, because I've never been busier.
What we are finding is that as the price of material goes up and manufacturing becomes tighter and people are busier, we are getting less and less regrind.
My coordination problems would make busier day work difficult.
But to the extent that the average American is busier, the research suggests the culprit isn't economic necessity.
With Manhattan's co-op, condominium and townhouse markets active and her Hamptons (Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Westhampton and Amagansett), Westchester (Purchase, Croton-on-Hudson), Long Island (Jericho) and New Jersey (Upper Montclair) offices busier than ever, Ms.