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The class was working busily and all of a sudden one child yelled out "How do you know a girl fish from a boy fish?
The star of TV's The Bill thought he was only invited to present an award and was busily ticking the names of the winner of each category in his programme.
During the past four months nine West Midlands schools have been busily dreaming up their own superhero and creating a car specifically for them, incorporating all the gadgets they need to save the planet.
Marcelo Leite writes that he and his wife, Claudia, "are busily working on our PhD dissertations, both at Unicamp (Universidade Estadual de Campinas).
She kept three secretaries busily at work, so it is clear that she lived in the turmoil of affairs and that her prayer, however difficult it may often have been for her, was the instrument that made a saint.
Rather, as Merrill Goozner writes, the high price tag placed on Amgen products can only be justified as paying "for the scientists and technicians squirreled away in Thousand Oaks, who are busily searching for the next generation of wonder drugs.
Over the past few months I've spent many idle moments watching bumblebees buzzing busily around the lavender on my patio: they appear to be attracted to this plant.
But unlike some bigger competitors that are busily scanning everything in sight and converting that into electronic images, ArchivesOne (www.
Mountains of data, busily collected over the past 20 years, tell the story--and tell it, by the way, far more clearly than the average high school student could .
began busily papering the streets of Manhattan with flyers like this one, asking the public to help find a lost half-full bottle of Rheingold beer.
Following the recent release of a new, one-volume edition of the dictionary of contemporay Latin titled Lexicon Recentis Latinitas, the Vatican panel of five Latinists is now busily working on keeping up with all kinds of new phrases used in conversation these days.
JT, like its big sector rivals, has realized the rich potential of markets like China and Indonesia, and has been busily weaning those countries off their domestic brands and onto Camels and Salems.