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Under the safe harbor, local lodging expenses will be treated as an ordinary and necessary business expense if:
Generally, wage recharacterization is present when the employer structures compensation so that the employee receives the same or a substantially similar amount whether or not the employee incurs deductible business expenses related to the employer's business.
Taxpayers that issue warrants to customers should review their agreements to determine if they can support exclusion as a sales discount or deductibility as a trade or business expense.
Observation: Severance payments are deductible business expenses even though severance costs embody an element of future benefit--the matching principle overrode the future benefit principle with the result that current deduction is appropriate.
Permitting a current deduction for the full amount incurred does not lead to any mismatching of revenues and expenses because XYZ actually expended the funds for which it claimed a business expense.
Once the expense report is completed and approved, G would pay the credit card company for all business expenses listed on the report.
P claims that the removal and encapsulation costs were ordinary and necessary business expenses.
The partner prevailed in this ruling because partnership practice required each partner to personally incur business expenses that could not be charged to clients (such as travel to fulfill continuing professional education requirements).
Up to six winning ideas can win up to $150,000 in prizes and support, including 12 months of office support at the tech centre, $1,000 dash for business expenses and $2,000 in research credits.
Limit corporate card use to official business expenses and place responsibility for unauthorized purchases on employees.
Trying to figure out business expenses from personal ones can get more tricky over time, especially when cash is the main form of payment you receive.

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