business manager

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Nor could he have guessed that the particular five dollars that belonged to him had been appropriated by the business manager for the painting of his house in Alameda, which painting he performed himself, on week-day afternoons, because he could not afford to pay union wages and because the first scab he had employed had had a ladder jerked out from under him and been sent to the hospital with a broken collar-bone.
After waiting a week, two weeks, and half a week longer, desperation conquered diffidence, and he wrote to the editor of THE BILLOW, suggesting that possibly through some negligence of the business manager his little account had been overlooked.
By that day you will be the business manager of the Franco-Midland Hardware Company, Limited, with a hundred and thirty-four branches in the towns and villages of France, not counting one in Brussels and one in San Remo.
I am perfectly willing to act as business manager to the Franco-Midland Hardware Company, Limited, at a minimum salary of L500.
Zibrant will create and handle a microsite, send out monthly e-newsletters and create a league table of business managers by performance in the build-up to Business Manager of the Year in February 2013.
Shatha said that it is normal to have her business manager with her constantly, because he understands and chooses the best work for her.
The new Regional Business Manager was earlier the General Manager of Ducati Austin.
The business manager may receive an incorrect picture of the security of confidential data stored on the network or the reliability of crucial systems since he or she is not a technology expert.
Steven Chu (business manager Asia Pacific) will remain the business manager for coatings APC.
Can be tailored and personalised to the individual management needs of every business manager.
The report recommended that the NCIA board consider contracting a third investigator or return the business manager position to that of an investigator.

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