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However, the results of operations of the business segment in that prior period (up to the measurement date) should be reclassified as continuing operations.
The Mobile Solutions business segment increased sales by 11%, and EBITDA increased by 20% on the corresponding quarter of 2009.
SMI's current defense simulation business will remain in this business segment.
Results for the most recent fiscal year included a loss of $299,772 or a loss of 8 cents per share from continuing operations and income of $26,647 or 1 cent per share from the disposal of the discontinued business segment.
31, 1992, including losses totaling $1,153,576 or 30 cents per share related to a business segment which the company discontinued halfway through the year.
Contract Manufacturing increased approximately 155%, Weekend Warrior increased approximately 139%, and the Plastic Wheel Cover business segment increased approximately 22%.
PITTSBURGH, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the termination of a major business segment in March, Computer Research, Inc.

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