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1960S ICON: The Ford Cortina Mark II was boxy and businesslike and sold faster than the original
He also offers an instrument for measuring the level of businesslike approach and methods of testing the relationship between NPM and ethics.
Second, the company must demonstrate a businesslike and solution-oriented organization with an infrastructure capable of providing investors with a consistent stream of information regarding both successes and failures.
This will immediately give your piece a crisper, more businesslike flavor.
However, it leaves the question of what tie-less males can wear that will leave them looking smart and businesslike.
He insisted on a brisk, businesslike meeting in the office.
His businesslike manner as he stooped to pick her up, spin her around, and set her down suggested he'd spent a lifetime hefting ladies around.
And yet the paintings are clearly executed at speed: The touch is rapid and assertive, businesslike rather than caressing.
Anthoney Gooch said Tuesday's talks proceeded "pragmatically" and "in a businesslike way.
The function of management is to make the church more churchlike, not to make the church more businesslike.
Meetings were organized in a businesslike way; conversionist piety was promoted, and the distractions of reformist concerns were to be shunned.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- When a loved one dies, one of the most valuable -- and most elusive -- commodities for survivors is sound, businesslike information, says LIMRA International.

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