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The study units were butcheries while the study populations were butchers who included individuals directly or indirectly involved in the handling and selling of meat in the butcheries.
A total of 73 butcheries were visited of which 62 (84.
Despite the warnings issued, we find that most Abu Dhabi butcheries nowadays abide by ADFCA food safety regulations.
The ADFCA regularly checks nearly 490 butcheries in the capital, and also inspects meat imported from abroad.
The most important structural change in the market has been effective removal of the forequarter from much of the retail butchery trade, especially the supermarkets' in store butcheries.
Abu Dhabi Butcheries in the emirate selling frozen meat as fresh and mixing discarded meat parts with good meat will be caught easily thanks to new techniques and devices used by food safety inspectors, a senior official told Gulf News yesterday.
The inspectors of the authority use the new devices during their visits to butcheries and meat shops to ensure that the meat on display for sale is free from adulteration or other malpractices, he said.