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BUTT. A measure of capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons. See Measure.

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Four butt joint setup types were used to achieve constant or varied edge surface roughness in the weld:
For the face to edge butt joint, the hot-melt adhesive simply pulled particles loose from the face of the board.
Sometimes in assembly operations the right alignment of sheets for welding in butt joint configuration is not possible.
A special mold was designed to create tensile butt joint specimens of variable thickness [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Yes there are a few, which includes Contraflam Corner (a glass to glass butt joint system that is almost frameless and can be used at a 90 o angle) is one of the newest innovations from Vetrotech that will be seen more and more.
This is because the embedment depth of the screws used in a butt joint has a critical effect on its strength and mode of failure (Rajak and Eckelman 1996).
Butt joint gaps can allow sharp angle wire crossover from cell to cell and increase the risk of stripping the outer layer of insulation from wires.
If the cut edge is part of a butt joint in the middle of the wall, it needs to be painted (try to use factory edges on all butt joints).
Biscuits turn what would ordinarily be a weak butt joint into a very strong connection.
April's top-scoring coarse fish over 1lb wins a five-piece version that switches quickly from 17ft to 13ft, using a common tip and second section with a dedicated third and butt joint.