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BUTT. A measure of capacity, equal to one hundred and eight gallons. See Measure.

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Beat soft butter together with a shot of espresso, a dash of vanilla extract and icing sugar so it suits your taste.
Whether you have your own dairy animal, you purchase milk from a local farmer, or you just want to try making butter from store-bought cream, it's worth the effort.
One pound of butter slightly more than fills one pint jar, so if you melt 11 pounds of butter, heat 12 pint jars.
Whipped butter is simply whipped to mix air It makes butter easier to spread
The average person, I would wager, knows approximately three things about peanut butter: One, it's not actually butter.
Sweet sweet cream butter is the purest butter--it most cleanly expresses the essence of the underlying cream.
Sweeter than peanut butter, almond butter has more cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fat, bone-strengthening magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and antioxidant vitamin E than its peanut brethren.
author of 1,000 GlutenFree Recipes (Wiley) suggests mixing a teaspoon of almond butter with three tablespoons sherry vinegar and 1/4 cup each of olive oil and orange juice.
But there's so much more that can benefit from a flavoured butter - chicken, fish and steak.
Loseley Naturally Softer Butter is 100 percent butter with nothing added and nothing taken away.
There are two main types of butter produced in the U.