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There are other computers in various formats that can do much of what is done in tablet programs, but there are none, so far, that let you do all of this comfortably curled up on the couch, looking at a wireless, almost buttonless, 10-inch interface that will run for 10 hours on its internal battery.
has been granted US patent 7,735,637 for manufacturing Omni-Pro conveyor belts featuring Zero-Tension, 360[degrees] Buttonless Welds, which are stronger and easier to clean than conventional bridge-welded belts.
A typical Afghan dress has a long skirt, a golden sewing thread, mirror work at the yoke and long buttonless cuffs.
The Fontana Sisters' "easy suit decision" and Gattinoni's buttonless jacket over a pink satin blouse matching the jacket's lining were copied by David Crystal for Saks and sold for $110.
The grown-ups, it seems, are already too old to have the wherewithall and must be kept out of the way - which makes the joke with the 70s-style buttonless telephone all the more amusing.
Chais returned scuffed up, buttonless, and threadbare teddy bears to countless children, the children loved them nevertheless.
Buttonless, I have been stripped of everything that holds me together.
Additional features include on-board training videos, remote service capabilities via the Internet, buttonless splice-process operation and graphical user interface with touch screen.