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Mr Buttress, who hails from Cwmbran and built Just Eat from a basement start-up in 2008 into a global business which now has a market capitalisation on the London Stock Exchange of PS4.
Gerald Baxter, prosecuting, said that on the application form Buttress stated he wished to borrow an additional PS50,000 on top of the original PS135,000 loan but "at no point did he mention" his plan to use the property as a holiday let as required by the lender.
His successor, Klaus Nyengaard quit last year and Mr Buttress took over the entire operation.
Designed by Wolfgang Buttress, the 19-meter-high sculpture, called Bloom, is located on a raised roundabout in Chobham, near the entrance to Longcross Park, part of the 300 acre Longcross Garden Village.
DAVID Buttress will become executive chairman of the Dragons following chief executive Stuart Davies' departure from Rodney Parade by mutual consent.
Absolutely yes," said Dragons chairman David Buttress.
SUPER shop worker Reg Buttress is finally retiring at the age of 95, after going back to work 30 years ago because he was bored.
The Hive, a sculpture by British artist Wolfgang Buttress, invites people to find out.
To Build an industrial complex as part of efforts to buttress grand national oil projects in Al-Shaaiba area.
The different thread shapes in dental implant designs include square, V-thread, buttress and reverse buttress [1] were shown in figure1.