buy back

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However, the debts-laden group insisted yesterday that no final decision had been taken on the buy back move.
Mandatorily redeemable shares, where the issuing company is obligated to buy back shares in exchange for cash or assets.
Under the program, Toyota was to buy back up to 170 million shares under a repurchase limit of 600 billion yen.
CH Bailey will buy back 15m of its ordinary shares and 1,495,000 of its 'B' ordinary Shares - pounds 600,000 will be paid for the ordinary shares, equating to 4p for each ordinary Share, and pounds 365,000 will be paid for the 'B' ordinary shares, equating to 24.
Releasing a statement, the undersecretariat said it would launch a buy back program covering September-December 2010 period to ensure a balanced debt redemption profile and to increase the price efficiency of secondary market.
Auto Business News-21 April 2008-Renault to buy back 10 percent of equity(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
In this case the structure of the deal does not require any mandatory buy back.
Some analysts feel that buy back of shares create shortage of shares in the market and increase the share prices .
It is already now theoretically possible for a state to receive financial aid and then to use some of this to buy back its debt," finance ministry spokesman Martin Kotthaus told a news conference.
Germany's HSH Nordbank AG is planning to buy back two series of its outstanding subordinated bonds.
LONDON: Batelco plans to buy back a third of outstanding bonds due in 2020, using excess liquidity from a scrapped acquisition to lower its debt servicing costs.
EYEING greater control for mining mogul Anil Agarwal, his company Cairn India Ltd will spend almost ` 5,725 crore to buy back shares.