buy off

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I know that a number of generals thought in 2006 that, rather than send a British brigade to Helmand, they should buy off people in the tribal areas.
Regional sales and marketing director Andrew Jarrett said: "People who buy off plan are a step ahead of the game.
LIVERPOOL MP Louise Ellman has warned Consignia that they cannot buy off closure-threatened city sub-post offices.
Theresa May, Tory spokesman for the family, said: "Labour has wasted taxpayers' money on a ploy to buy off criticism.
Shame should be on Mr Blunkett for trying to buy off these people in such a calculated way instead of sitting down and trying to address the immigration problem seriously and provide properly for these poor people, who have already suffered enough under one brutal regime.
Giocomo, a 22,000-guinea buy off the Flat last autumn, stepped up on his two previous efforts over hurdles as he got the better of a sustained duel with With A Twist to take the pounds 12,500-added contest by a length at 7-2.
In Sun Valley, Waste Management is trying to buy off its neighbors to get their support to build a permanent transfer station to, in the words of your reporters, start hauling to remote dumps.
His comments came as the Government today made last ditch attempts to buy off a backbench revolt, led by North East MP Nick Brown, over variable top-up tuition fees for university students.
Of course, we could skirt that whole issue by simply declaring embryos an entirely different species (although then we'd have to buy off the wrath of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
Quick Pick Stop N Buy Off Haverhill 2246 49th Way, North