buy off

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In a new bid to buy off enough rebels to secure victory, Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, was today promising a review of top up fees and their effect in 2009, three years after their introduction.
It had $300,000 on hand to buy off Cluff when it was clear it couldn't keep him around any longer.
Money won't cure it either - you can't buy off superbugs.
In total, education reform, which cost taxpayers $8 billion (largely to buy off education unions with hefty pay raises) has been as dismal a failure as California's poorly performing schools themselves.
Economists felt particularly strongly that if anti-trust laws exist, then firms should not be able to buy off potential competitors, and argued that pharmaceuticals were a key area of antitrust concern.
We're taking a real hard look at the systems that are out there and the things we can buy off the shelf,'' McElwain said.
Due to increased operating efficiencies and our dual channel model, HP is able to offer consumers the choice to buy off the shelf or build the right PC for their individual needs at in-store kiosks, online or direct from HP -- all at great prices.
Warren Simson, 20, of Surbiton, Surrey, Jonathan Vickers, 18, of South Shields, and Lain Highland, 21, of Notts, were found guilty of indecent exposure and allowed to buy off the sentence for about pounds 400 each.
And North Korea is another place we seem able neither to buy off nor intimidate.
And they dismissed the offer of a pounds 49million lifeline for the Birmingham business as a possible attempt to buy off a future official inquiry.
Many Pomepeian iron woodworking tools look pretty much like what you'd buy off the shelf today at Home Depot.
Aslef president Dave Tyson denied an attempt to buy off Mr Brady - who is fighting his dismissal.