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A related problem is that buzzwords or catchphrases can marginalize what's important.
Gr1, Irish Oaks-Gr1), Buzzword (Deutsches Derby-Gr1), Siyouni (Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere-Gr1).
Al Zir (35/1) and Buzzword (50/1) are long shots with English bookmakers while Rewindling is an attractive 8/1 chance.
Dettori gained quick consolation for the defeat of Buzzword, Fanjura (11-2) making it three in a row in the David Hewitt Stakes handicap worth pounds 50,000.
And can I suggest next week's buzzword - "tax poverty".
While there may be reason for concern that 'agency' is so broadly defined, or so variably defined by different authors, that it is not a useful buzzword, I have no doubt that its use is conditioned by a desire to be read by those interested in similar topics.
com, the profits of any company shall be inversely proportional to the number of vague industry buzzwords used in its mission statement.
Middleware" has certainly become one of the hottest buzzwords in the clinical laboratory industry.
Nanotechnology has become a buzzword for promoting products from stain-resistant pants to skin creams.
The notion of entropy (technically a measure of the disorder that exists in a system), a Smithson buzzword, is used frequently in descriptions of Fischer's project.
Better business often means better pay for the region's movers and shakers, so in this issue we also tackle what is becoming a buzzword, even among ordinary investors--hedge funds.
Another Centcom buzzword with civilian applications is "oodaloop.