by divine right

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The future of phonetics rests probably with his pupils, who all swore by him; but nothing could bring the man himself into any sort of compliance with the university, to which he nevertheless clung by divine right in an intensely Oxonian way.
Industrial kingship, the only real kingship of our century, was his by divine right of his turn for business; and I, his son, bid you respect the crown whose revenues I inherit.
Here commences a new dominion acquired with a title by divine right.
The clash was between a king by nobles, who claimed to rule by Divine Right and a Parliament elected by 2% of the male population (mainly country gentlemen, wealthy merchants and those farmers who owned their land).
Fortunately, Parliament by winning established that the king did not rule by Divine Right and could not rule without Parliament.
Now it has learned how Washington works: you can't have too many lawyers, senators rule by divine right, and if a politician calls for change, he expects you to empty your pockets.
1600: Charles I, who believed the King ruled by Divine Right but lost his head after the Civil War, was born at Dunfermline Palace in Scotland.
Moreover, her examination of the Sun King's role as ruler by divine right extends to the complex world of the king's diplomats and ambassadors as mediators of the crown who transmitted and represented his power and authority.
While attorneys are there to protect a company's interest, do not assume that an attorney is, by divine right, capable of creating prose designed to win customers and keep them.
He claimed that he was king by divine right, called Gregory "not [the] pope, but a false monk," and tried to rally his bishops for a counterattack.
Rule by divine right cannot be exercised except by clergymen, either directly or indirectly, which would certainly lead to the collapse of national unity in Egypt.
Coun Gerry Keating, chairman of the constitutional committee which agreed the change, said: "The aim is to end the system whereby the majority party holds the office as if by divine right and get the best person for the job.