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The following steps were taken to obtain the fish by-product meal: collection (fish waste: leftovers, viscera, fins and head) obtained from the main species commercialized in the Northern region; selection of the material, remaining only viscera and discarding decomposing material; cooking the material at 62[degrees]C; oven drying at 65[degrees]C for 72 hours; and finally grinding the material.
3]-N concentration to tannin binding agents were observed in the incubation of green tea by-product (Table 3).
Because by-product gases of iron works have a lower calorie heating value than natural gas, which is widely used for GTCC power generation, stable operation of by-product-gas fired gas turbines requires advanced combustion technology.
Due to the massive increase in fuel prices over the last 18 months our extraction costs have escalated and combined with a reduction in demand for our products during the recession, we no longer have the abundance of by-product we have had in recent years.
This may include pilot tests to evaluate the composition, performance, reliability, and risks of new material compositions using by-product ingredients.
Energro, made by dehydrating food by-products, is an easily digestible meal ingredient that is an excellent source of energy and protein for pork and poultry", says Farines SPB Meal.
WTE is the most viable solution for the by-product generated by our industry It is my belief that legislation for energy to replace coal and gas will force increased WTE facilities throughout America.
Sulphur production in the UAE is a by-product of the oil-and-gas industry.
Shell is also expected to produce dry gas as well - gas which is not a by-product of oil.
A waste by-product from the beer-brewing process at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
The biochemical agent may directly attack the VES itself, or some other component in the fluid that produces a by-product that then causes viscosity reduction.
The feed by-product remaining after the ethanol has been processed is sold to livestock producers located near the plant.