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211 (annual meetings), 220 (books and records), 225 (votes and elections) and 262 (appraisal) actions--because the DGCL authorizes them without condition, but the rationale for exempting even these actions from a validly adopted charter or bylaw provision is not clear (other than a court making a public policy judgment call).
The Bylaws Clean-up proposal consists of small corrections and clarifications of wording and formatting throughout the entire Bylaws.
Our existing constitution and bylaws were originally approved by the membership in 1984 with the last revision approved September 2010.
Brant found itself in the untenable position of being a violator of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms if it chose to enforce its bylaw and ask the Choi family to remove the Korean writing on the back of its headstone.
The new bylaws include system for filling vacant positions at the government units, bonuses, over-time, allowances (housing allowance, telephone allowance, job nature allowance or job risk allowance, training and official trips allowance) and leaves.
Article X, Section 3, was added to permit the Board of Directors to make minor technical changes within the bylaws without requiring a membership vote.
The Weigels say that is contrary to the Municipal Act, which requires a separate public information meeting about any bylaw imposing a fee or levy.
This proposed bylaw change, if passed, would virtually eliminate any chance for a grass-roots bylaw change to ever happen again.
3 of the bylaws be reversed or otherwise set aside or invalidated, such suspension shall terminate or such member shall become reinstated when a certified copy of the order reversing or otherwise setting aside or invalidating such order, conviction, decision or action <begin strikethrough>or order<end strikethrough> is filed with the secretary of the joint trial board, who shall refer the matter to the professional ethics division for whatever action it deems appropriate.
In essence, the new bylaws have inserted an additional layer to further protect the public, explains Benjamin, a CPA and managing director for American Express Tax and Business Services.
NEW YORK, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hercules Shareholders' Committee for New Management released the following statement today in response to Hercules' announcement yesterday that it would support an amendment to the Company's election Bylaw to provide that directors may be elected by a plurality vote, instead of requiring the vote of a majority of all outstanding shares, starting with the 2004 Annual Meeting:
Areas covered by this bylaw include housing estates and amenity areas.