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And so Casaubon, Belbo and Diotallevi mix freely esoteric texts, historical facts, science and cabala.
Guizac is that foreigner who, unversed in the "system of signs and nuances" of the southern cabala, does not know his way across the "mined terrain" of the southern landscape.
This creation is described in the Jewish Cabala, which dates back to the early Middle Ages, was newly translated in Paracelsus's and Agrippa's time, and was known by both of these men.
The three tattoos, designed by her husband Dave, who runs his own tattoo parlour, show a cabala tree, an angel releasing a butterfly and a poem dedicated to her son.
The tattoos, a cabala tree, an angel releasing a butterfly and a poem dedicated to her son, were drawn by Kim's husband David who runs his own parlour.
1) I shall take my cue from Perec; since he thought it proper to use the cabala and the Zohar as a way into the lipogram, I shall use Origen and biblical exegesis as a way into Perec.
Harkness, John Dee's Conversations with Angels: Cabala, Alchemy and the End of Nature (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999).
The software package, CABALA, will be used to estimate the amount of carbon sequestration that takes place in CO2 Australia's tree plantings based on data inputs on rainfall, temperature and the different tree species used.
Pico had written in the Conclusiones that "[n]o power exists in heaven or earth seminally and separated that the magician cannot actuate and unite" (159) and in the end of his Conclusiones that "as true astrology teaches us to read in the book of God, so the Cabala teaches us to read in the book of the Law" (150).
u] were predicted on a daily basis by the mechanistic growth prediction model, CABALA, that has been validated for light use and water balance in temperate eucalypt plantations (Battaglia et al.
Die bundel sluit dus goed aan by Walters se werk tot dusver en die sterk satiriese inslag wat spreek uit sy bundels Cabala (1967), Apocrypha (1969), Heimdall (1974), Saturae (1979) en Sprekende van God (1996).
Peruvian prosecutor Guillermo Cabala and Bolivian congressional opponents of Morales claim he does not deserve the status of refugee and are calling for his extradition to face trial in Peru.