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Traditional solutions such as high-frequency microprocessors (MPUs) with cache memory are unsuited for real-time control because of the unpredictability characteristics of cache memory.
If we can find a fast, non-volatile form of memory to replace what chips currently use as cache memory, computing devices could gain even more freedom from power outlets-and we think we've found the best way to help silicon nanowires do the job.
Cache memory is sometimes described in levels of closeness and accessibility to the microprocessor.
Some storage systems have controllers that include processors, cache memory, host interfaces and internal hard disk drives (integrated).
The problem does not crop up in Saber motherboards that use Pentium III Xeons equipped with 2Mb of L2 cache memory.
MTI engineers recognized that it takes far less power to complete certain write operations of cache memory to specific, reserved disk locations.
Bottom line: Look for Cache memory of between 128 and 256 kilobytes.
This is also true of cache memory, which has been proven to greatly improve performance for sequential data streams.
The Itanium 2 processor's floating-point performance, 64-bit addressing, and large cache memory are well-suited to a wide range of large, multi-process technical computing applications.
performance by using a secondary cache memory," said Johnston.
NitroSIM's VLIW processor deploys massive parallel processing capability and simultaneously eliminates the cache memory miss problem -- a failure to access instructions and data in cache memory -- which becomes the dominant factor in overall simulation performance as design size grows.
The matrix contains up to 128 point-to-point connections, each of which directly link each front-end channel director and back-end disk director to all global cache memory regions.