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Mr Bercow said: "Not just people standing down but people with a lot to contribute are reluctant to engage in the chamber because they think that the histrionics and cacophony of noise are so damaging as to cause them to look elsewhere.
Then, all the other instruments match that note, resonating in a unison made striking by contrast to the cacophony that it replaces.
At its best Cacophony was neither political nor intellectual but just about making unusual fun.
Voters had to walk though "a cacophony of sound, through intimidation, through harassment, through misinformation," he said.
Subtitled The Beat meets The Street, Cacophony is billed as an electrifying new production which showcases young British talent in an exciting display of street dance and percussion, married with gravitydefying aerial acrobatics with a circus twist and set to an original urban soundtrack.
No pause, no silent gaps, no welcome respite from the cacophony.
It was there they recorded albums Real To Real Cacophony, Empires And Dance and New Gold Dream.
I would certainly prefer to hear this traditional sound of Sunday to the usual cacophony of noise pollution coming from radios, revving engines, etc etc.
reveals an initial cultural milieu that was a cacophony of refined and popular musical styles.
With the low-end geared up to whip heads into a trance-like nodding motion, Patterson's guitar playing flavors the songs with equal amounts buzzsaw-style cacophony and melodic resonance, while his yelled vocals act akin to a fourth instrument, forging their own prodding, pleading route amidst the offbeat structure.
There have been some grumbles about Donna Summers' ``She Works Hard for the Money,'' but little cacophony about Jimmy Cliff's ``Piece of the Pie,'' or ``Rise Above It'' from ``Cool Runnings'' (the Jamaican bobsled movie), or any song about feet or with a strong dance beat.
What a relief to hear the words of Christopher Dawson and Pope Plus XII (not to mention Benedict XVI) in the midst of the mindless cacophony from all sides on the subject of today's on-going conflicts.