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The scholarly basis of this translation is naturally much thinner than that of the translations of Cecile O'Rahilly (who was a noted scholar of early Irish and whose notes to the editions are extensive), but it is also thinner than that of Kinsella, who worked closely throughout with Proinsias MacCana (particularly in regard to the translations of the cadenced poetry, the roscada).
This first volume of this trilogy is oddly cadenced with unnatural pacing to fit the serialized format.
Her lush and inventive imagery, the hints of tangled, avid passions, invited speculation about her personal life, but she betrayed nothing except in her verse, which she read to the mesmerized group in a soft, cadenced contralto.
VuIT utilizes a proprietary cadenced delivery system that adjusts both the size and pace of individual words in order to mimic sub-vocalization patterns.
The rear end of a B-36 was much more supple and reactive to the cadenced, harmonic throbbing of the engines than was the nose.
Scratchings Of A Summer Chicken" is a delightful compilation of thoroughly enjoyable, deftly crafted, and rhythmically cadenced verse that is as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is simply fun to browse through.
Professor Fitzgerald has argued that the cadenced Constitution with concentric nestled constituencies means that the system will generate continuing dialogue on important political matters.
Thus A mali estremi, estremi rimedi comes quicker off the tongue in Italian than its cadenced English version, Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Kumiodori essentially is theatrical dance combined with uniquely cadenced speeches and songs, accompanied by musical instruments.
15) One of the most interesting of these is a certain Duncan Manzini, who told his story in a cadenced, poetic prose, a narrative style that has over the centuries been appropriate to oral transmission (Bernstein, 1994: 109-112).
Here, in the Blackmores' version, the plain, stately, end-stopped lines, cadenced yet declarative, flower open into a grand but simple vision:
Might she also have drafted the prose, suitably cadenced for the duke?