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And while the psychedelic light show was very Pink Floyd, the highlight was seeing a Friar Tuck lookalike down the front trying to cajole everyone into dancing.
All means must be used to train, cajole, encourage, implore and force by law if necessary, the business community to employ local workers.
The goal is to get the six fields in top shape, cajole parents into picking up the volunteer service and bring back the numbers the league enjoyed before martial arts, soccer and a host of other kids' activities began competing with Little League, league President Brad Baughman said.
Moore had to coax, cajole, niggle, push and shove 3-1 favourite Assoon from start to finish, and bets matched on Betfair include pounds 80 at 26.
One woman giggled with embarrassment as he tried to cajole her neighbors into nuzzling her.
They need someone who will come forth and guide, support, cajole, encourage and sometimes discipline neighborhood councils,'' said Daniel Wiseman with the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council.
What began as pushing the buttons of cinema verite, uncovering urban decay using silence and stillness to cajole reflection, takes on pulse and drama the moment it adopts the trappings of fiction.
To get anything done, the SNP leader will have to cajole, bully and beg for votes from the other parties.
In between, we see a teenage girl traveling alone who must cajole a male cashier into selling her a bus ticket; a woman fleeing the tiny house where she was born, which can barely contain the murderous wrath of her father and brothers; an obedient wife who lies to her husband for fear he might discover that she served time in prison and divorce her; and a despairing single mother who abandons her child in a vain effort to appease her current lover.