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Equation 1 is used to calculate the apparent shear rate that is directly applied to the rubber specimen.
This simulator output is then used to calculate a meter calibration factor for each of the other seven multimeters.
It's an ongoing program by which we can help our customers track herd performance and calculate their economic return from implementing targeted interventions to reduce variability caused by disease," Quinn adds.
DCX engineers developed an innovative hybrid approach that requires experimental measurements of a minimum set of loads at key locations, and then uses these measured loads as input to a virtual prototype test that calculates the loads on all other components of interest.
The modeling software calculates the pressure spikes to occur just as sand fills this region, quickly forcing air into the surrounding sand.
To properly calculate this, a complex mathematical procedure is needed, which this method does not employ.
Table 6 calculates the blended rate for transition year 1, with a comparison to the facility's most recent cost-based Medicare per diem.
Traditionally, the obligation to calculate and remit sales tax is imposed on the supplier.
Quick Quote calculates molding prices, based on different combinations of part quantity, cycle time, and mark-up (up to eight combinations are available per quote).
Researchers use this much-debated number to calculate the age and size of the cosmos.