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The mortgage calculator compares products and prices for thousands of mortgages for first time buyers, movers and buy to let landlords.
Education Minister Elizabeth Truss believes that all pupils should know their times tables and be able to add, subtract and divide sums before they begin using calculators.
The net price calculator disclosure requirement is part of the Higher Education and Opportunity Act (HEOA), which reauthorizes the Higher Education Act.
The HP Business Consultant is the first device based on the new HP calculator industrial design platform that unites style and usability to deliver visually distinct and meaningful elements across the company's calculator lineup.
Originally developed in 2003, the calculator has been updated using data from the 2004 and 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
Using the technology and experience we gained through calculator development, Casio has grown beyond calculators into new markets for watches, electronic dictionaries, digital cameras, and mobile phones.
When used with a projector and touchboard (3M WallDisplay at my school), SmartView can be more effective than using a calculator with a TI ViewScreen and an overhead projector.
With research conducted during the early years of calculator use, this question was addressed by Hembree and Dessart (1986) and favorable results were reported for students' attitudes toward mathematics after instruction with calculators.
The Special Calculators Suite, which includes calculators such as the Auto Loan with Insurance Calculator and the Breakeven Analysis Calculator.
The ClassWiz fx-991AR X calculator offers the benefits of a modern scientific calculator to students from the region enrolled in middle school and upwards, bringing the world of scientific calculations closer to students in their own native language.
The Vietnam 2050 Pathways Calculator (or the Vietnam 2050 Calculator) is an innovative web-based computer model, showing Vietnam s energy demand and supply and how they interact with the country s greenhouse gas emissions.